Mark your calendars! Fri & Sat, Sept 17 & 18, 2021. 

Providing everyone gets vaccinated and COVID numbers start looking safe enough for large public gatherings again, we plan to return to a somewhat usual Shakemore this year, although in September instead of July. So get those shots! Stay healthy! And let's do some SHAKING in the fall!

Every summer since 2007, Half Japanese has hosted the Shakemore Au Go Go festival. What started as an afternoon celebrating Half Japanese and their many spin-offs, side projects, and associate acts (including Jad Fair, CoocooRockinTime, Spidercake, The Tinklers, Old Songs, The Chumps, Flotation Device,...) has evolved into an annual weekend event comprised of 20 to 30 acts, featuring frequent appearances from what has become a large Shakemore family of bands (including Bang Bang Lulu, Caching Behavior, Cigarbox Planetarium, Go Pills, Weird Paul Rock Band, and many others). Writer/poet/spoken word artist Barbara DeCesare serves as emcee. Gradually over the years, Shakemore has evolved into a year round community in addition to the annual festival.

Word of mouth. Held on private property in Westminster, Maryland USA. All-volunteer (including the bands). Always free to attend. Fun! D.I.Y. fringe spirit! Funded entirely by merchandise sales, raffle ticket sales, donations, sponsorships and benefit events.

Special guests have included Danielson Famile, R. Stevie Moore, Zomes, Daniel Higgs, Norman Blake (Teenage Fanclub), Pete Donnelly (The Figgs), Velvet Monkeys, The Zambonis, and many others.

In 2020, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Shakemore was an 8-hour online event, featuring 50+ acts, including exclusive video performances, Shakemore flashbacks, and full sets from CooCooRockinTime, Danielson, Lumberob, Velvet Monkeys, and Half Japanese! You can still watch it on the Shakemore YouTube page.
Please send us a message at, and we'll send you details about what kinds of sponsorships are available.

Of course you do. Who wouldn’t want to?!

Each year the Shakemore Board has a hard task of taking a list of (usually) 60+ bands interested in playing, and condensing it down to 30 or less. First priority is given to all the bands somehow related to Half Japanese (the original purpose of Shakemore), followed by Shakemore family regulars (bands made up of close friends likely to attend whether they play or not), followed by special out-of-town guests we’d like to see. After all those bands confirm their availability, we’re left with about 30 more bands to try to fit into less than 10 open slots. For those remaining slots, we give careful consideration and discussion to each act interested in playing. Sadly we end up having to turn away a lot of bands we would happily invite if we had enough open slots to fit them all in. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try, though.

Things you should be aware of before your band applies for consideration:
1. Bands DO NOT get paid to perform at Shakemore
2. With a new act onstage every 30 minutes, bands play roughly 20 minute sets

If you understand all that, and you still want your act considered, send us a message between January 1 and the end of March. The email address is (please put "Shakemore" and your band name in the subject line).

Include this info in your message: 
  1. Name of band/act?

  2. We want to hear and/or see what your act is like. How can we check you out? (links to website, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud/Bandcamp/etc.)

  3. Who is in the band and what instruments do they play?

  4. Designated band/act contact person (name, phone, email)